Long Jing Tea




Long Jing tea or Dragon well or Lung Ching tea Code (LJ)

50 Gms. Heat Sealed Silver Foil Sachet


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For the Connoisseurs of Tea

The excellent quality of Dragon Well Tea is guaranteed by a super elaborate production process.

Full leaf Tea Soothing aroma and a delicately sweet tasting green tea. Dragon Well Tea flourishes in the mountainous area where mild climate and plentiful rainfall are plentiful year-round.

Only top of the leaf is used for real green Long Jing tea production.

Tiny, young and bright green small needle-shaped leafs require enormous amount of effort to be gathered and prepared. This tea is so lightweight that for proper infusion you will need from one to two hundreds of this leafs.

Long Jing tea is considered as one of the most elite tea sorts in China and all over the world. It can cost more that thousand dollars per pound in ordinary China teashops.

And on tea auctions annually held in China - cost for some lots can vary up to several thousands of dollars only for 50 grams. And a lot people consider this as reasonable price and buying this Long Jing. However despite of the price factor this tea stills stays popular.

During infusion this tea gives bright yellow potion.


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