Dragon Pearl Jasmine Flavor Tea




Dragon Pearl Jasmine Flavor Tea Code (JP)

50 Gms. Heat Sealed Silver Foil Sachet


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Full-leaf chinese green tea, scented and rolled into tight balls.

Jasmine Dragon Pearl green tea comes from the misty mountains of Fujian Province, China.

The most tender tea leaves and buds are hand picked in the early spring and gently processed.

The leaves are hand rolled into small balls the size of pearls.

Then, following an 800 year  old tradition, the tea pearls go through a lengthy triple-imprinting process that utilizes equal weight of freshly opened flowers to infuse the unforgettable aroma of jasmine blossoms into the leaves.

Green tea is minimally processed. The enzymes that cause oxidation and fermentation are naturally de-activated, thus preserving the polyphenols and retaining the strong antioxidant activity.


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